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I’m a huge fan of 37Signals and have followed them ever since they were a usability company through their transformation into a product company. Anyway about a year ago I heard they were working on a CRM product called Sunrise, which they have apparently agonized over, scrapped, and reworked. I think we can safely assume […]

It’s been clear to me since just doing two podcast episodes on a business related topic that I am not in Kansas anymore. The “production value” if you like, has got to be higher on a podcast, and not only that but the level of intimacy/connection with the audience/community has got to be higher as […]

What is Zooomr? Well, it is very much like Flickr, except Zooomr is very interested in “where” you take pictures, and provides tools for you to Geo tag your photos. So it’s sort of like a flickr+Googlemaps+frappr mashup. Ahh, ok, got it….. Oh except it allow for audio comments on its photo’s as well, so […]

Most small businesses have to take some horrible compromises when trying to get into ecommerce and sell products online, it’s either a crappy looking yahoo store, or an ebay store, which in the end marginalizes your identity. So if you want an ecommerce store just made for small business check out, it’s easy, it’s […]

This seems like a very interesting company, it’s a tool that allows a businesses to create locally targeted coupons that customers can find online, print, and bring into the business.
Now, for the sake of full disclosure my company Local Zing Inc. is an affiliate, in other words if I do refer them business I […]

I’m happy to report that even though this site is only 6 months old it is now on the front page of google for my chosen key phrase which is “local internet marketing”. I actually only checked because I noticed a spike in traffic from google, and I thought I would investigate. It took over […]

Biznik is a business networking site, based in Seattle, started by Dan McComb, focused on encouraging F2F networking, and referring business between members. One of the very interesting aspects of this is that “good behavior” like referring people business gets you kudos and builds your reputation.

Hmm, imagine that, rewarding people for behavior you want […]

Looks like google has finally unvieled some product/service specific searches that have spawned from “google base” (googles answer to craigslist).
The google real estate search can be seen here


The google auto search can be found here

hat tip

Shel Israel, co-author of naked conversations had this to say after giving a talk to the Seattle chamber of commerce:

What inspired me the most, a little to my surprise, were the folks at the Chamber of Commerce. These were folks, as Robert puts it, who were hungry to learn. I met a wedding planner […]

The SEO Book posts a thoughtful article on the topic on “Mixing Organic SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing“.
The one thing I really value about a PPC campaign is the measurability. As your paying for every click-through, you can tie some pretty hard numbers together that will describe the effectiveness of your ad on attracting […]

Paid search continues to provide excellent ROI for marketers, and a recent survey from ad:tech finds that 52% of marketers stated it was “great—outperforms other tactics”
Article on BtoB online
Article from MarketingVox - This is a limited beta of what looks like a killer business tool. Too much to describe so I added a screenshot of the features:

The benefits of an online spreadsheet is not that its going to be better and more feature rich than excel, but the fact that several people can be involved in editing it, without the need to 20 copies of it to end up clogging up your email. It’s also got integrated chat, so you can […]

I just came across a very good review and introduction to Google Analytics, which is essentially a tool to help you analyze who is viewing your web site, and what they are doing. Sounds simple but way to many small businesses do not pay enough attention to what is happening on their web site. Your […]

Some VW dealers are going to get a bump in publicity with this little bit of self promotion… selling their “Fast” on eBay.

With only 600 of the little creatures avalable, 1 per dealership apparently, any dealerships selling their “Fast” are sure of some extra attention. Two have appeared on ebay so far, the bidding […]

A friend just pointed me to a book called Go It Alone - by Bruce Judson, and you can read the whole thing for free online if you like.
I’ve read the first couple of chapters and it is a first class read, and a must have for anyone who wants to start their own […]

ZDnet reveals some Gmail code that hints at more business centric email tool
Someone has been snooping around in the Gmail javascript code and found this little gem:
function vJ(){if(uy){;return’‘+”Manage this domain”+” | “}else{return””}}
Essentially, if Gmail is enabled for other domains, businesses can update there own “MX Record” to point at, and google will handle […]

Selling and marketing a service based business is a unique challenge that does not get enough attention, which considering services make up significant percentage of the US economy, is rather a problem.
I found this article on a favorite site of mine for marketing articles that lays out some of the differences between selling and […]

The idea that “cheap, fast or good… Pick two” gets a kick in the pants from a company called This small company has created four brilliant products that claim to do “less that competitors products”, and in the world of software that really is refreshing. It is by keeping things simple that this small […]

Creating a blog for your business can be a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox, for some businesses more valuable than the website itself. I know many businesses equate “blog” with “confessional teenage diary”, and dismiss it as a trend, but it’s seriously good business. In the end a blog is just a very “simple […]

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