In follow up to my recent post on GM pointing users to “google pontiac”, i’ve noticed that some companies are cashing in, namely mazda.

When you advertise on keywords on Google, you have a set budget and once you hit that budget your ads stop showing up. It would have been great if local dealers could have cashed in on all this interest as opposed to Mazda. In this screenshot you can see that Pontiac has essentially used up its budget and its ad is no longer on google:

Pontiac not on google

And here’s a closeup of the Mazda ads showing up, not only are they ads for Mazda they are pointing people to a head to head comparison of the MX 5 vs the Pontiac Solstice:

MX5 vs. Solstice

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  1. 1 James

    Pontiac’s budget probably hasn’t been used up, more likely mazda is simply willing to pay more for those adds. Google works using a bidding system, where advertisers say the maximum they are willing to pay for a keyphrase.

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